Friday, January 22, 2010

Being: Overwhelmed

A permeating fog moved over the city last night. It is still here. The rain has been intermittent. Yesterday morning these would have seen like points in the con column, but not this morning.
My church had a Night of Worship last night. We met to pray for Haiti, for each other, and for the city of Atlanta, our friends and coworkers who don't know Jesus. We took communion, which always gets me. And we sang some kicking songs to the Almighty God of the Universe. One of the songs is called How He Loves, by Kim Walker, and compares God's love to a hurricane and we are trees, "bending beneath the weight of your wind and glory."
I LOVE THAT! So often I get distracted by the tangible dimensions of the world and forget that the most powerful force on this earth is God's love. For me! Wow. Every now and then my little pea brain wraps around that concept, just for a moment or two, and I am undone. I can scarcely breathe, I smile and cry (and I do not cry) and I feel my heart grow so full I fear it will shatter from joy. And then, when I look around and see thousands of other hearts turning their focus upon the Lord, its like I know what life is supposed to be like.
So, this is why I love the rain and fog. It seems almost every time my church has a night of worship it rains buckets. But instead of bad weather, it reminds me of the way God lavishes his love on us. 1 John 3:1 says "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!" It's like the Georgia rain. Drops the size of my thumb falling so thick and warm that in seconds your soaked, every inch of you. And it keeps coming. You can smell it, taste it in the air, inhale it. And when the passionate rain ceases, the Holy Spirit descends like fog and wraps around you, kissing your eyelids with tiny beads of moisture and making the world go away for just a minute, so you can focus and feel without the clamor of a thousand distractions.
See? I get carried away. But I'm okay with that. My Dearest Jesus, carry me away forever!

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  1. That was so beautiful! I've got no words. Just... beautiful.