Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turn it up

I am so incredibly thankful for central heating. I am in Chicago and its cold enough that the steam rising from my coffee actually formed tiny particles of ice. Okay, not really, but it felt that cold. For ten minutes my poor Southern skin was battered by the frigid lake effect winds.
And then, bliss. I stepped into the office and was instantly cocooned in man-made warmth. Sigh. Technology is seriously underrated. I am amazed by the power of the human spirit in that cities like Chicago thrived years ago before such comfort existed. I'm pretty sure I'd have been restricted to a life between the tropical lines. The Lord doesn't promise us comfortable lives, and in fact, I'm increasingly convinced he doesn't want us to be entirely comfortable. When I'm cozy things are great, sure, but I'm not very motivated to move or change. But, I am grateful He was good enough to hold off introducing me to the world until someone had devised central heating. I intend to stay inside for the duration of the workday, including lunch. But, in about eight hours and fifteen minutes, when I walk back to the hotel, I'll be thanking God again.

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