Monday, January 18, 2010

Texting a :-)

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
Okay, well yesterday, as it happens, was one of those days where a bunch of little blessing fell around me. But, to set a good example for myself, I will only pick one. A text. My older sister sent me a simple text that I read as I left church. It was sweet and thoughtful, but what made it mean so much was that it was entirely unexpected. I was reminded of the power of words, both creative and destructive. A word spoken, or in this case texted, shot a bright moment into a rather dreary Sunday here in Atlanta. It made me consider how often it occurs to me that I could say something nice, give a genuine encouragement or compliment, or just let someone know I'm thinking of them versus how often I actually do.
So my challenge for today is to 1) continue to be on the lookout for God's blessings springing up throughout my day, and 2) to speak and/or text some words of joy into at least one life around me.

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