Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cookie dough moments

I am sitting in Starbucks trying to sip my tea latte instead of popping off the top and guzzling the whole thing. It tastes even better because it was free. That's right! A free tea latte! My roommate is not a coffee girl and she was given two gift cards recently, which she kindly bequeathed upon me. No extra dish duty or anything, just a straight up gift.
And just now as I've been sitting here, doddling instead of typing, two strangers smiled as they passed. A small thing to do, but one that made my day brighter.
On a podcast today, Joyce Meyer talked about carrying little goodies, like gift cards with notes that say God cares about you, and handing them out to service personnel who aren't expecting them...just to be nice and show God's love.
So, what is today's blessing? Generosity. Specifically, God's generosity as demonstrated by His people. It can be generosity of time, of gift cards, of prayers, of things (a lady in Cambodia straight up gave me her necklace when I told her it was pretty) or even generosity with compliments.
In a world where human relation is generally caught in a wireless network, little person-to-person blessings are like the cookie-dough ball in the ice cream of life. (Hmm, this is what I get for blogging hungry...) Moments, small in and of themselves, that make the whole day sweeter.
I know that I don't probably tell people always when they shine on my day, but I sure do savor it. It makes me want to be a blessing to others, too. Lord, show me where I can be cookie-dough for others. Thank you for your people. All my love.

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