Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a few more minutes...

Tomorrow is the start of a holiday weekend. So, that made today sort of a holiday-eve. I'm not sure if that was responsible, but for whatever reason, morning was just not happening today.
Enter, snooze button. A glorious little invention. It doesn't make the sunrise go away, but it does give my half-awake brain a chance to come to terms with the impending day...or not. I hit it three times before I finally rolled out from under the quilt.
I am going to try to redeem this shallow, albeit true, blessing. Sometimes we're just not ready for the next step. Even if "it's time". Even if we always thought we would be. Even if we reach out with the intent of hitting end on one phase of life or development, and our hand falls on the snooze instead.
Truth is, God knows when we're ready. And He's okay with it when we're not. I heard John Ortberg say it's impossible for God to be disappointed in us because He made us. He is never surprised by where we are, since He knows us better than even we do. Sometimes He knows we need to snooze. I like this idea. It makes the undefined time between the start of this writer's journey and the feel of a crisp new book in her hand seem intentional. Pleasant, even.
Ten minutes in the morning (or ten units of God-time...please don't be years) can make all the difference in the world. Even if I don't really get any more sleep, I feel a little bit pampered and ready for a new day.
Snooze on, my friends. Snooze on.

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