Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember that one time?

I got a vaguely insulting work correspondence today. My response was not one of peaceful prayer for the senders...okay, just felt guilty and paused to pray...nor was it to think in four letter words about them (I'm not a redhead anymore, so tantrums are off limits.) No, I wrote a snarky email to my boss and he replied in kind.
Clearly, I'm not the example to follow, but I am grateful for humor! How else are we to deal with the little hurts in life? I mean, until we get to the peaceful prayer stage, of course.
I am so glad God gave us the humor bit of himself. If you think about it, He's hilarious. How else would you explain a possum playing dead? Ticklish spots? Or, to be mildly vulgar, gas? It's funny.
Laughing is one of the most pleasant emotional releases. Especially when you get that deep belly laugh that doubles you over, makes it impossible to speak, and doesn't fade until your cheeks hurt. The moments that, days later, make a fool of you when you bust out giggling in public because something random reminds you of the incident. Even now, I grin as I remember a few of my own.
Those moments can be the seeds that grow into bonds. They offer communion between two people in a state where the walls are forced down by the punch of shared glee.
And, they're just straight up fun.
So, thank you, God, for laughter, for the funny in this world, and for that time in the car when Nat and I were driving past Smith's Old Bar.... :-)

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