Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Two Wise Men...and me

I got up at five am (not a normal occurrence) and was in my car by six, watching the sun come up over I-20 as I headed East. Traffic was very light for Atlanta, and while the Impala buzzed along, my mind raced just as fast. You see, a big opportunity/decision/change looms in my near future, but just out of the grasp of my control. Maybe next week I can hook an index finger around it and pull it into my sweaty mitts. But for now, not happening.
Since I can't proactively address it, I just think about it.
Over. And over.
Until the voice in my head gets high-pitched and squealy and the little wrinkle between my eyebrows threatens to set up permanent residence. By ten 'til seven, I'd tuned out my book on CD to focus intently on the parade of exclamation points marching in an impotent picket-line across my thoughts.
Then, the voice of wisdom entered, stage left. Or more likely the Holy Spirit, since I'm pretty sure that by then wisdom had lost it's voice from shouting to be heard to no avail (See Proverbs 2). So, Holy Spirit says, "You know, Kimberly, there are Godly people in your life with more experience and, ahem, a better perspective, that you could talk to about this."
Oh. Yeah.
So I did. I called and talked to two folks who helped me see the scenario for what it was: a scenario. I have options. I have freedom. I have time.
And I have a God who will honor my desire to follow Him. He will not tell me to run head first into a brick wall and laugh when I fall down. He knows his plans for me (see Jer. 29:11) though sometimes I wish He'd email them to me instead of this "one step at a time" biz.
So, today I'm grateful for voices of wisdom. I love that God gives us so much. His word, His Spirit, and His people.

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