Monday, June 7, 2010

CZ is a girl's best friend

I am not a rich girl. Well, okay, I suppose if you count the entire world population all of us with roofs and food and stuff are rich.
What I mean is, I budget. I want things I can't have. My phone doesn't do anything if I run my fingers over the screen. My car sports four cylinders, and the TV is a cube that would easily fit in the dishwasher.
All this is absolutely fine, and if I cared enough, I could even change some of it. But some things I like are just expensive.
Like diamonds. If diamonds were a girl's best friend, I'd be a mite lonely.
I love sparkly things. I wish rhinestones would make a comeback. I like rings and necklaces and feel as naked without earrings as I do without my cell. So what is a sale-shopper like me to do?
Live it up with Cubic Zirconia!
When the sun hits the face of a CZ, rainbows ricochet off the facets. Even indoor lighting flits in an eye catching twinkle from the cut angles. It may not be rare, but it is lovely. It's value comes from it's beauty alone. Not because others want it, not because it speaks of my status or wealth, just because I like it.
Thank you, God, for the simple pleasures in life, the moments that sparkle freely in an average day, the the times that are not rare, but shine anyway. The joys in life amid the mundane activities, the things that speak little of status or position and speak all the louder because of it. And thank you for sparklies in this girl's price range.


  1. Just a chip off the "old" rock. I love sparkles too.

  2. I will bring some CZ to conference so you can SPARKLE! :)

  3. Jaime, you da bomb! I am already looking forward to conference!