Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elbow grease

I spent today looking under the hood of a semi (called a "tractor" by those of us in the biz.) No, I haven't left my profession to pursue dormant dreams of long-haulin' across the plane states. I was doing an ergonomic evaluation of a mechanic called Michael.
Michael showed me how to check the many pneumatic lines for leaks and how to change the fuel filter. But, I must confess, at least half my attention was focused on staying oil free. You see, I had the poor judgment to wear a brand new shirt today. I can't help it. I went Outletting yesterday and I needed to wear something new. So while I furiously scribbled the process of changing the fuel sensing unit and took pictures of Michael hunkered over the tank, I was acutely aware of all the tools and equipment around me, hoping I wouldn't run into something and smear grease on my new shirt.
Well, by the end of the lesson, I was grease free. Mostly, because I kept my arms crossed over my notebook when I wasn't frantically writing. This pose is great for keeping one's elbows away from blackened tools and surfaces (which in a shop means pretty much everything.) However, this pose is also the reason I have two small blue pen lines on the crook of my shirtsleeve. Always click the pen before crossing one's arms.
Enter, wonder-of-the day. Tide pens!
If you don't have one, get one now. It is the best two dollars and change you'll ever spend (perhaps excluding coffee...hmmm). With gentle pressure and a few quick buffs, the ink will be a mere memory.
Seriously, these things do to blood, ink, mustard, mascara and other stains what Jesus does to our souls. With a little scrubbing, it makes the ugly just disappear and leaves the white stripe as fresh as a daisy without stealing the rich color from the rest of the shirt...or life, whatever the case may be.
Thank you, God, for Tide pens, and for Tide-penning my heart...every day.

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  1. I love the way your mind works! That's awesome...