Friday, June 11, 2010

That's the spot

As with every week, I'm glad it's Friday. Really glad. But this week, I feel a little more relaxed than normal. Because I had a facial.
The thing about a facial is that it's not just cold cream and exfoliation. It's an hour in the semi-dark while somebody else takes care of you. The sound of waves and harps massage your brain and steam gently loosens your pores while trained hands untangle your shoulders. It may not feel splendid when there's a thumb playing Red Rover with your neck muscles, but about three seconds later, it's as if your teen years, pollution, and gravity never happened. You're free. Relaxed. New.
It is almost impossible not to feel beautiful after being pampered, and in this day and age, that's saying something.
When I squeeze my own neck, it's just not the same. That's more an expression of tension than a relief from it. Which I think is part of what makes it all the more special when someone else takes time to cleanse the angst from your shoulderblades. For a single girl like me, that someone is an esthetician.
Thank you, God, for the kind of peace that we can't get by ourselves.


  1. I've only had a couple of facials, but I've loved them. I'm not big on back massages, so facials are the perfect form of pampering.

  2. Yes! I agree Julie. I can't afford to make this a regular thing, but it's totally worth it every now and then!