Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Have you ever been doing something totally fun and a little bit risky, and then it happens.
For a split second you know.
You are about to get some serious pain.
Then, sunlight turns green and sound is drowned out by the spines of agony ripping through you.
That happened to me at the lake this weekend. I fell off a jet ski and hurt not one, but all my knees at once. A few seconds passed before I could inhale. A few more before I could emit sound. A few more before I could emit intelligible sound at a reasonable decibel.
I got back up and they held me, but slowly as the night passed, purply marks appeared around the caps.
So, today I am grateful for ice. It makes a lot of things better, like soda and abused knees. I've enjoyed it in both capacities lately.
While I pray that nothing has come detached, I am faithfully icing my knees. It sense the most pleasant, breezy releasing sensation through the heat that builds up during the day and gives me hope that one day soon, my poor knees will forgive me.

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