Monday, July 19, 2010

Licensed for Trouble

The Bible says to work as if you're working for the Lord. Sometimes, that is kind of natural, like when usering at church. But there are days when you just know it's going to be harder than swimming the Atlantic with your feet tied together by a ten pound weight.
Today was one such day for me. I am exhausted, but for a good reason! I stayed up way past my bedtime and read Licensed for Trouble, the 3rd installment in the PJ Sugar series by Susan May Warren.
It. Was. Splendid.
So good, in fact, that after lights out at 2, I laid there for about an hour processing.
Which meant that when the alarm went off at 7 (I gave myself a grace hour), I was,well, less than enthused.
While I always pray that God will help me work hard and well, today I was literally facedown on his mercy. This girl wasn't going to do anything well today on her own.
And what did God do? He came through! I had to go in to the office to avoid the temptation of "just a brief rest on the couch with one eye closed" but it paid off. The hours collapsed in on themselves, folding into neat piles of completed reports. And I got to see my mentor, who's got enough cheer to make Eeyore dance an Irish jig.
So not only did I get to call it a day after adding some tick marks to my to-do list, but I got to smile in the mean time...and mull over a riveting plot and heart-invading characters again while I did so.
Thank you, God, for your people who work diligently and craft stories that stir our souls. Thank you for helping me today to work diligently and create...reports. May you be glorified in all the endeavors you put before us, creative and otherwise. All my love.

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