Monday, July 12, 2010

Classic. Stretchy. Black.

Gap makes these solid color stretchy tees that have a scoop neck and short sleeves. They come in white, gray and, best of all black. I have at least four of these black tees and it isn't enough. They are the t-shirt equivalent to fuzzy socks and yet they look presentable.
I wore one today with slacks for a customer visit. Didn't look half bad if I do say so myself. And, even better, only the lower half of my body nearly suffocated in the humid air of Georgia. It's like wading through a milk jug here.
I love how they have enough stretch to fit a curve without looking like I used a paintbrush to apply my top, and the solid black is forgiving and a little chic.
As crazy as it sounds, they make me feel free.
I don't know if everyone has an article like this, a perpetually good choice. If not, check out the Gap classic stretch tees.
Ideally, I wouldn't need a t-shirt to feel at home in this skin of mine. I'd walk around, swaddled in the knowledge that the Almighty has put me together, body, spirit, and soul and he meant to. It wasn't like he was mid-formation and sneezed.
But, I'm so grateful that, since I'm not at that point yet (haven't bridged the Gap! Sorry, couldn't resist), He inspired someone at a chain store to make black t-shirts.

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