Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Smell...

It's amazing how scent link to emotions by way of memories. How they make you feel something in your soul.
It reaches around corners, over breezes, and under doors with its tidings. A scent is a promise of something to come, a proof that the other senses are about to be rewarded.
Like today, the earthy scent, rich and heavy and tinged with sweet, was the first element of coffee I enjoyed. I paused just to relish the heady scent that blends depth and lightness. Add a dash of nutmeg and it's practically Thanksgiving day with family, belonging and joy swirling amidst the clouds of creamer.
I'm making myself thirsty, so I'll stop here, but not before a quick shout-out to Creator-God for the gift of scents and noses to enjoy them.

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