Friday, July 16, 2010

Time is on my side

I got a "please pray" email about seven hours after it was sent. One of my dear friends' mothers had a serious surgery and I didn't even know this was coming.
So, I prayed intently that God would protect her and help things go well. My first inclination was to be upset I hadn't gotten the email earlier. But then I remembered something important.
God is not bound by time. Nay, indeed, he made it, so he has dominion over it. You know that very intense "bing, bing" that the show 24 uses to remind us that time runneth out? God doesn't here that.
So, I kept praying hard, fully confident that my God would hear and acknowledge my prayers for an event I had, in this one dimensional version of time, missed.
A few hours later my friend called and said things had gone very well. YAY!
And this is the other kicker. It's one of those antique-style friendships, that you collect in your youth and only gains value as the years pass. We don't talk with great frequency, but we know each others' hearts, so when we do talk there is no stiffness or artifice. Just connection. I sent the email today for a rather trivial reason, thinking I was writing out of the blue.
But wouldn't you know God would inspire my "I think I should touch base" sense with the day of his mother's surgery. Wow.
So, I'm grateful that God is bigger than time and can work in it and around it as He sees fit. That He inspired the call this morning and honored my prayers, and those of countless other saints, on behalf of a daughter who sings His praise.

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