Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Having recently returned from a inspirational weekend regarding all things writing, I've been like a woman obsessed, intent on tidying up my manuscript so I can send it out. I want nothing more than to plunk down at a cafe table in Panera with my laptop and and a refillable cup of Hazelnut coffee, and write, write, write, all the live-long day.

Alas, as I am not an heiress, lottery winner, or possessor of a benefactor or sugar-daddy, and as I have grown accustomed to creature comforts including food and shelter, I can't. Somebody's gotta pay the bills. That sneaky voice in my head tempted me to stay in PJs and edit all morning, but I put on slacks and a sweater and even makeup. My characters must wait until obligations have been met to come out and play.

Typically, I spend a workday of energy on professional endeavors, then scoop the remnants of creative juice in my palm and dribble it over my work in progress. It can be slow going at times. Thus, it was a double blessing when my workday started with the installation of a printer driver. Sounds daunting, no? In this case, no. The lengthy process left me with little to do guessed it, write! I got to start my day with Eden and the gang and my, how much we accomplished while the lenovo chugged along.
Here I was, resigned to tuck away my "other world" while I create value for my employer. And I do believe God honored my commitment by giving me the best of both worlds!

I don't expect this to happen again. I don't anticipate enjoying morning writting except on weekends. However, with this fresh fire making my bones ache with a desire to write, it was an especially bright gift. And imagine if I'd put my own desire ahead of my obligations. I would have missed out! All my creative juice would be spent before I faced off with the printer, and that would have made for a long and dull day for this cog in the corporate wheel.

The moral of this story is, do your work first and keep a notebook nearby. That way you can capture the droplets of creative juice that drip throughout the day. And, when you have to install a printer driver, celebrate!

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