Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today I stood along the road in Madison, WI and waved as the President's motorcade whizzed by. It was, honestly, very cool. I could see him through the glass waving back at all of us. It the closest I've ever been to a leader of the free world...or the unfree world, I guess.

The secret service cleared out every building around the block hours beforehand and a blackhawk buzzed the area. A line stretched for a mile long before his plane landed.

Two thoughts kept zipping through my head. 1) Wow, this is seriously organized. 2) I am so glad I'm not famous.

Though I succumb to the occasional daydream about being recognized for my talent/looks/innate specialness (and in the daydream it is deserved), in reality that blessing comes with a lot of strings. I mean, I don't want people constantly snapping pictures when I'm not ready. I would miss people watching--I doubt it works very well when all the people you want to watch are watching you right back. And I would very much miss the freedom to make declasse jokes with my friends. It would be rotten to have everyone feel like they know you and can thus judge you when, in fact, they don't know you. And probably, I'd have to eat mushrooms at fancy dinners. I abhor mushrooms. Bleh.

But the most off-putting aspect of fame is that the people around you tell you you're untouchable. You're above the law.
Until you break it.
With that kind of lie being constantly shoved down my throat, I fear eventually I would swallow. I honestly don't think my soul would be very attractive on my own. It is so good to know that God won't give us more than we can manage. And that, if He so wills it, He will provide the grace to remain true. I love a lot of things about God, but today His will seems so precious.

Thank you for where you have brought me and where we have yet to go. Thank you for the freedom of being anonymous to the masses, and the blessing of an irreplaceable position amongst my dear ones. Thank you for never letting me get too big for my britches, and never letting me languish in self-abasement. You have me right where I am for your good purpose and I can't tell you how freeing and splendid that is. Keep me in your will. Thank you that I'm not big enough to mess it up. Please always grow my desire for you and for your glory and please kill the weakness in me that wants my own.

All my love!

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