Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love. L.o.v.e. LOVE!

It is an inescapable fact of the human mind that, although not bound by tangible boundaries, there are still limits to what it can contain. Left to our natural abilities, our minds can stretch to a point, but they rebound afterwards. Not to the same shape as original, for all grand concepts leave their print, but to a perspective far smaller than the concept.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study on the Holy Spirit. I won't even get into the nature of the Trinity because that makes my synapses hurt. No, today's concept was love. On any other Thursday, love would bring to mind my family, my niece, the hero du jour of whatever book I'm reading, and God. It would be a sweet thought like buttercream icing; a wonderful addition that makes life richer.

Not today. Today I read out of Song of Solomon. We single gals tend to avoid SOS for obvious reasons. I mean, how many diabetics hang out in a candy store? However, reading this through the lens of God writing to His beloved I mean, the book is a glimpse into the richness that God had in mind when he thought up marriage. But I also think marriage is a metaphor for His great passion for his church.

To get unapologetic, specific and passionate love notes like that from anyone would put my body soul and spirit ablaze. But to receive a declaration from the Most High God, who created stars for my whimsy and His glory, who spun flowers from nothing, who conceived all the senses, who invented color and determined the exact requirements of content and time to birth the perfect diamond, and who knows where they all lie, the God before whom none can stand, for whom angels sing unending harmonies....that God is love. And all of who He is loves me.

That is a big idea. One too big for my head. It makes me want to laugh and cry. I want to dance for joy and to just be still and revel. It is far too grand to grasp for more than an instant. But each time I'm graced to comprehend for a moment this precious and stunning truth, I am forever altered.



  1. Wow, many, many people, even Christians never fully apprecate the extent of God's love.

  2. Isn't it precious when we get a glimps of what we have?