Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'Tis the Season

I didn't last very long this year. I tried to hold out, I said, "Kimberly, wait another month. Just one more month."

But I couldn't.

This morning--on a Tuesday that felt more like a Monday in January, with rain dribbling down the windows and my computer processing data slower than a toaster-oven could--I hit play and held my breath until the opening refrain of Oh Come All Ye Faithful broke the shadows to smithereens with it's clarion of joy.

It was sweeter than the first drop of water after running a marathon through the Gobi.

My jaw relaxed, I smiled at strangers, I saw the beauty in the way different shades of gray swirled in the clouds and admired the romance of a million raindrops cascading endlessly upon the earth.

It's true. It is September seventh and I'm so thankful for Christmas carols! They are like chocolate chips: they make everything richer. Including Tuesday mornings.

So, thank you, Jesus, for coming to earth as a baby. For all you did after that I am grateful, but it is so precious to have a reason to celebrate that is purely, unutterably joyful. So joyful, that any day in which your birth is honored is instantly better. All my love.

And a quick shout out to my sister, Courtney, who has her actual birthday today. Coincidentally, her middle name is Noel.

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