Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Worshiper number 10004909

I get a lot of things from church. My favorite is the Eucharist, but I also enjoy the music, knowledge, encouragement, and snacks in the volunteer room. Somehow fun size candy bars taste better when you don't have to buy them.

This week, I received mail from my new church. I was expecting a "thank you for attending, we hope you'll get involved and feel welcome" or some-such note.

Instead, I got a barcode. Yes. Really. There was a card explaining this would help manage my family checking in and out of stuff. Being as my family right now is me, (unless I make my younger brother go to the nursery when he visits, but as he's over six feet I don't think that would fly) I don't really need a barcode to track movement.

However, I went ahead and attached the little tab to my keychain. It now dangles next to my gym barcode. The experience made me think about how convenient those things are. Can you imagine standing in line at the Kroger while somebody read little price tags and typed it in? I can't even keep track of coupons, which thanks to another plastic card I don't need to. Or having to sign your name or do a hand-reader at the gym? I mean, who knows where everyone's hands have been? Wait. Let's not dwell on that question. What about at work? I just scan my card and the door opens. No keys, no waiting to be admitted by a secretary, just beep and go.

So, while managing the body of Christ with a 9-digit number and some vertical lines seems a little sterile, all in all, I appreciate the concept. The engineer in me wants a high-five for the efficiency.
I don't have a good analogy for how this relates to the deeper things of humanity. Anyone have a thought? But, I am grateful for this small thing today.


  1. I'm glad that if all the technology in the world hits an sudden halt, God not only knows me by name he know the number of hairs on my head.