Monday, September 3, 2012

Lamp Unto My...Living Room

My living room is pretty spacious and has this lovely ginormous window that looks out onto some trees. These trees, in addition to looking all pretty in their tree way, block a good bit of the sunlight.  As a result my lovely living room is a bit dim.

I don't know about y'all but I am not really okay with dim. I like it bright. I like all the lights in the room on, and maybe a few in the hall just for good measure.  So, in addition to the one overhead light by the fireplace, I had pressed a desk lamp into duty on the floor by the couch.  It definitely helped, but being as it was so low, about fifty percent of the room still had sub-par lighting.

Well, today I got a message that my lamp had arrived at my local Wal-mart store. I'd sort of forgotten I'd ordered it, but I picked it up, brought it home, and screwed the pieces together. Thirty minutes later, light beamed all over the place from an "alabaster" lamp sitting a stylish six feet off the ground. I liked it so much I got online and ordered another. 


The issue of perspective is one that sounds deceptively simple.  I was not shocked when the real floor lamp put the sad little desk lamp to shame. But, for whatever reason, I forget this simple physical and spiritual reality when it comes to bigger things.

I had a lovely talk with my sister today. We have impromptu phone prayer meetings sometimes, and did so today, which started my Labor Day brighter (obvious, unapologetic pun.)  And while we were talking this issue came up, about how God is sooooo big. How his love is soooo mighty and vast. It is truly the most powerful force on earth. I've been reading Job and its' a stark reminder of that. That the God who made stars and invented evaporation also feeds raven chicks and lion cubs. He is vast, and yet vastly intimate.  

All the stuff that seems permanent in my life, all the problems that overshadow me...its largely a matter of my puny desk lamp perspective shining on this life. I am so grateful that God is above it all. And he's not even a floor lamp, he's the freaking roof yanked off and the sunlight burning down over the whole space.  

Lord, remind me always. Let me not get lost in the shadows when your light always shines.  Burn in my life, through my life. Open my eyes. And when I'm trying to find my way by my own power, remind me of you and all that you are.  All my love.


  1. Sometimes we go through life like the guy that has trained his baseball cap into a half circle, creating tunnel vision. Thanks for the reminder to take our hats off and see that we are surrounded by HIM.