Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sadness and laughter

Today the tragedy of senseless violence hangs in the air.  I'm praying for the families of those killed for no reason other than hate.  I am shocked, but I suppose I should not really be, since no one can serve two masters, and this kind of action is exactly what the father of lies endorses.

Has the church done evil things in the name of God? Yes. But, not everyone in the church is truly a believer of God. I do not put myself in the position of delineating the saved versus others, but Jesus warned of wolves in sheep's clothing and that has borne out over the millenia, when people used the name of the Almighty for personal gain.  And this is just as tragic.

Anyway, I'm humbled and honored and proud to be an American. To say I'm thankful for the men and women all over the world who make that possible is just not adequate. I happily owe them something. We all do.

So, because I'm not very good at dwelling in heavy places, I was thinking about some of the things I like about America.  One that brightens my day to day life is the Southern accent.  I've thought before about how you would write this dialect in a book. It would drive a reader nuts, but words in the South are different.  Here are some of those I've translated.

English/Southern Translation

My - Mah

Oil - Ole

Boiled (as in peanuts) - Bowled

Sweet tea - Tea

Umbrella - UHMbrilla

Oustide - Outsod

About to - Fixin' to

could - (translates to might could) Maht Could

Go team - Whoo Pig Sooie

I - Ah

you (pl) - Y'all

yours (pl) - Y'all's

did you (pl) - D'Y'all

did yours (pl) - DJall's (note the Y sound becomes a dipthong)

Here are a few example sentences:

Mah Bowled Peanuts tasted like heaven. DJall's?

Ah maht could use a little more sugar in this tea.

If y'all are goin' outsod, taken an uhmbrella. It's fixin to rain.

So, my list is hardly comprehensive. What are you favorite English/Southern translations? Build a sample sentence if you dare.


  1. Y'all are fixin' to make me ill if you don't stop tawlkin'.

    And the sweet tea = tea made me laugh... Funny. True. And the reason the South rocks.