Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crank it up

There are times I go looking for some good new tunes to listen to while I bop around town. And then there are times when I'm fine, going my merry way, and a CD finds its way into my car and revolutionizes my commute. That happened this weekend! Brandi Carlisle has a new CD out. She croons--yes, croons--grave, sweet, and bubbly tunes in a voice that is one part water on a pebble beach and one part silk.
I love music, the way it speaks things for which there are no words. It can brighten even a snowy day (yes, it's snowing. In Atlanta. Again.) or soothe a frenetic moment. What would Christmas be without carols? Well, sacred still, but not as merry by a long shot.
I wonder what Adam thought when he first heard a song. What it was like when the first instrument played a melody. Whatever it was, I am grateful for it. I don't know what life without music would be. Don't want to.
Thank you, God, for music. For inventing melody and harmony to express all the wordless power of this life and touch the parts of us that the physical realm can't understand. Thank you for your people who you've gifted with voices of silver, and the kind of brilliance that creates songs to live by.

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