Thursday, March 4, 2010

Under the sea

I am watching Planet Earth right now. It's the under the sea one, where I just saw a six inch baby sail-fish, that will grow to a 'one of the ocean's most formidable hunters.' And now, a sea-spider and some eels, all floating in 'marine snow' which is a pretty way of saying dead pieces of animals who live closer to the sunlight.
The silence presses on your ears. The animals look like Dr. Seuss's dreams after too much spicy food. There is a whole realm that is only now being seen for the first time thanks to modern technology and people who are braver than I. Snorkeling is about my limit, but even the shallow, bathwater coves of Hawaii amazed me. Did you know neon pink is a natural color?
It's taking me forever to type this because my eyes are lured by the wonders of this earth and I am only able to write during commercial breaks. Our God is amazing. Awesome. And if I ever doubted that He created this earth and did so for His glory, sights like this clarify things. For thousands of years, His were the only eyes that saw the vampire squid and its bioluminescent tentacles roving the midnight depths. It is for Him that birds sore, and by His creative power that they dive as much as 60 feet after fish.
I am stilled in wonder at the complex and balance of the world. At the diversity of it. And I am inspired to know more of it, and of it's Maker.
Thank you, God, for letting us see your glory. For the beauty you have let me enjoy. And that I get to live on the surface, away from the things that dwell in the darkness and feed on sulfides and dead whales.

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