Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mumsy, Pops, and the gang

I got to see my dad tonight! He was on his way to DC and stopped through, so we sat in Houlihan's at the airport for an hour and drank diet coke and talked. It was great just to see him and be with my dad.
I am so thankful it worked out. There's something about family, where I can talk too much and not worry he's going to make an excuse and duck out. I can where a t-shirt and jeans and my dad still says I look pretty. He can discuss what's going on in Yakima and I'm instantly in the loop because we keep up on this.
It did make me realize how much I wish I could spend more time with my family, how much I love getting to see them. I have been talking to all of them this week and there is nothing like the history of inside jokes, trials gone through, the person you were. One thing that is special about seeing them less often is that I see them for who they are now instead of the person they were when we were under the same roof.
I probably sound like a homeschool kid but I am so grateful for my fam and that tonight I got to see my dad at the airport! Shout out to the Buckners, heyo!

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  1. Yes, my love, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. It is soothing to know that there is one place, the family, that the piece, me, always fits. Our puzzling family isn't complete without all the pieces.