Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Zone

I had three and a half piles of work crowding my desk today. On days like that it feels futile to even try and get through it all. It took a large coffee, the soundtrack of Wicked, and the hand of God to get me in a place where I could even start. But, as that is an unmatched trio, I did!
When I eventually looked at the corner of the screen again, two hours had passed and, voila, I had made two lines through my list of to-dos! For a girl who has an internal work-snooze set at twenty minute intervals, this was quite a blessing.
Thank you, Jesus, for the zone. For helping me find a focused place to get a lot of work done. For soundtracks and large coffees, for my job. For promising to be with me through all things, be they exciting like a mission trip, or every day like an ergonomic report. Amen.

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