Monday, March 1, 2010

Make it a large

I am a proud member of Borders Rewards. That means I carry a little red card in my wallet, and every time I get really carried away and spend way too much money on books, I get $5 back. And, more importantly, it means that every sixth beverage I order at the cafe is FREE!
So, being the avid cafe dweller that I am, I get roughly one drink a week gratis. Now, instead of thinking about how much money I spend on drinks, I just look forward to that free one. And, I always make it count. I get a big, sweet, fancy beverage (extra hot so I won't drink it too fast) and sit there feeling smug as I sip and read.
Well, guess what is in my wallet? A free drink coupon! I am actually pretty excited about it. Tomorrow I have a lot of reports to write for work. And I never really look forward to that particular task. BUT, it will be so much nicer to have a red tea latte to sip while I write. So, I'm grateful for free tea lattes....well, for all tea lattes, really, but especially for free ones. Thanks, God, for little freebies!

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  1. Love those free drinks at Borders. And I love your gratitude attitude that flows so freely.