Monday, February 15, 2010

Bless me.

My roommate asked me this morning if I'm coming down with something. Not coming down so much as it has me in a sleeper hold and shows no sign of letting up any time soon. Right now I'm that girl whose hand you don't want to shake because there's a small nation, nay a whole world of germs, holding their own Olympics right there on the surface of my palm.
So today I'm grateful for modern medicine. As soon as I can work up the gumption to go to Kroger, I'm going to smother those symptoms like Aunt Donna after a long absence. Only instead of repeated cheek pinches, my drugs herald death! Take that athletic germs.
My nose can hardly wait, nor can the rest of me for that matter.
It's crazy to think about the complexity of the human body and how almost any malady can be dealt with by taking a little pill. I know just enough about science to realize how much I don't know, and I'm glad that God made really smart people who have figured out ways to make life more comfortable. I am amazed by the way our bodies themselves regenerate and compensate and fight back against infections and illnesses. It's something that happens without conscious thought or design. I sneeze to remove germs, (though, obviously to no great affect this time around), and my body tells me when its time to just go lay down and let the natural processes do their work while I sleep. I cough to remove...well, you get the picture.
All that leads me to say, thank you God for the wonderful ways the human body functions and that it's intentional. Thank you for knitting me together in my mother's womb. And thank you, when my army of antibodies and white blood cells and whatnot are losing the battle, there's a whole grocery store aisle of stuff to aide the good guys.

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