Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happiness by the ounce

I think I've mentioned before my affinity for caffeine. Of course, she's best in her native coffee, but can't be over appreciated in any form. Well, yesterday I was teaching a group of peers a new information system and I was pretty wiped. So, naturally, I wanted something sweet and bubbly to boost my energy. vending machine.
Now, I totally could have dealt with it. There was a water fountain. But - and here comes the sweetness of blessings - although I could have gone without and been fine, I didn't have to! My boss had a spare diet soda in his car that he let me have. Yay! And then, when he wanted more soda, since I'd downed his last one, he made a run to the Rite-Aid. I asked him to bring me a diet Coke and poked around my purse for a dollar. Well, he's a southern gent, so he wouldn't take my dollar and then he came back with two diet Cokes for me! They were that slightly smaller size (I don't know why they do that...I was good with the 20 ouncers) so he just got me two instead of one. I would have been pleased with just the one, but out of nowhere, my blessing was doubled.
Yes, I do realized I'm talking about artificially flavored bubble water. But the point was not just the soda. It was that someone would be generous when they had absolutely no obligation. I wouldn't have known he had a spare soda if he didn't say anything. And then, have that blessing doubled, nay, tripled out of kindness.
It made me want to be generous to someone who I have no obligation to and who has no obligation to me. It made me want to give freely so that another soul could feel lighter just because. So, I'm grateful for kind people and soda and tomorrow will inentionally look for a way to be a blessing to someone else. Just because.

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  1. Your finding a meaningful analogy in ordinary things encourages me, it's like "yeah, me, too"