Friday, February 12, 2010


It was one of those days when it seems the relevant world wakes up and thinks to itself "Hmm, today would be a good day to sit on Kimberly's head." I am glad that, in Christ, I am more than a conqueror (it's in the Bible somewhere...).
Today I am grateful for red wine. Ahh. When I can't find rose colored glasses, the occasional glass of rose colored liquid is mighty fine. Note, to my fundamentalist brethren and sistren, I do not condone, or partake in, drunkenness. But a mellowing glass of the fruit of the vine (which our Lord did actually make out of water as His first miracle) is heavenly.
I mean, it's lovely to look at. The rich, mysterious color almost seems purple until you hold it to the light and its vibrant scarlet is revealed. And the smell....I have never detected fig or starfruit or chocolate in a glass as my more sophisticated counterparts undoubtedly have. But the full aroma, both sweet and biting satisfies almost as much as the flavor. Almost. When a strong, yet gentle, zinfandel caresses your tongue, you come to know the meaning of balance, and why it is so much better than extremes. Not too sweet, not too strong, but definitely present and with an impression that lasts long after the sip is gone.
God, thank you for wine and how something that is thousands of years old can bring a new perspective of peace, levity, and culture to a snowy Friday afternoon.

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