Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls' lunch!

I had lunch yesterday with a relatively new friend. She is sweet as can be. It's funny how with friendships there's almost always that 'first date' period where you try to present your best self. It's natural and I think we all do it to some extent whether we know it or not. While its normal and can help ease things when you meet someone, it can paralyze a relationship. There's only so much surface area to a person and once you've covered it....awkward silence. Tap your nails. Suddenly remember a vital appointment.
It's scary for us to go one step deeper for several reasons, at least. One is, what if they don't like me? What if the ugly part of me isn't worth the pretty part? Another reason is, what if they don't want that? Some people are so surrounded by surface-friends, that it might take too much effort to dig a little. I bet all of us have done that thing where you say something honest, let your roots show, and look up to find yourself talking to a dust trail and a dot on the horizon.
So this was my blessing yesterday. Lunch with my friend Charlotte was fun and...(drumroll)...real! She is one of the good hearts that makes you feel comfortable, like she likes what she sees in you just because. And even if your ugly shows a little, she'll like you just the same. It's so freeing to feel like just being is enough.
I think this is a tiny taste of how God sees us. I am just Kimberly. Just...enough. On bad days, on good days, in the limelight or backstage. Thank you God that you love who I am and not what I do. Your love sets me free.

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