Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pass the salt!

If I had to be a flavor, one flavor, I would be salt.
I. Love. Salt.
It is not only a standalone winner, but it actually makes everything else taste better when added. Well, maybe not peaches, but it is vital for a proper chocolate chip cookie, not to mention all snacks and most entrees.
And, it's natural! Sea salt. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? Tastes pretty darn good, too. I'd hate to think of a world without salt. I'm sure I'd be a lot lighter, but still, it would be so....bland. God was mighty thoughtful to put an enhancer in such vast quantities all over the earth. I wonder if He did it just because He knew, back before there was land and sea, that Jesus would say "You are the salt of the earth." (Matt. 5:13, fyi). That would be just like our extravagant Father to provide an example of Christianity that tastes good. And, it really is the perfect analogy. Salt is natural, free, plentiful, and always enhances its environment.Wouldn't it be grand if people thought of us the same way?
Thanks, God, for seasonings that are universally delightful. And please let me be a bright flavor in the lives you let me touch.

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