Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been banished from my apartment tonight, but I don't mind. My roommate is having small group and I fully approve. So, for the next two hours, I will sip peppermint tea from a paper cup and read a book I bought today. And, as is evident, use the Internet to write, and then perhaps order some more books from Amazon... (who am I kidding, there's no perhaps about it. Super Saver shipping, here I come!)
Was it only a matter of years ago that all this was impossible? That I would have been tethered by cord that attached the Internet to my computer? And not just the cord either; have you ever tried to haul a desktop to your local coffee shop? Not a fun prospect.
I am so grateful for wi-fi. I suffer from chronic cabin fever and if I had to stay at home to use my computer (or sit in a terminal in some Internet cafe...lame) I would go stir crazy. Or give up on using computers, one of the two. But no, I can drop my attache over my shoulder and set up shop with the world at my fingertips as I enjoy the semi-public atmosphere of my local book shop. And then, when I get tired of that scene (I cite the cabin fever here...in severe cases one can have an attack in public places if any one location is dwelt in too long) I can relocate to a coffee house and pick up where I left off.
I would never have survived back in the day where one could expect to be born at home, be raised at home, and then spend one's life cleaning and maintaining the home. If I sometimes wonder if God's plan for my life has gotten lost under a two-week old coffee cup shoved in the corner of His desk, I never worry that He sent me in the wrong era. I don't profess to be a patient person, and though I pray daily to be more so, I think God knew I would do best in the age of instant Internet access.
So, thank you God for this modern age in which I am blessed to live, the Internet which I take often for granted, and the books I am about to use it to purchase.

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