Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Page turner?

I love not so much to travel as to be in other places. I don't have a fabulous car (no offense to my Impala, but really...) and I would never have survived the covered wagon days. But after four hours on the road today I rolled into Charlotte, NC and....I was disappointed!
Why? Because one thing I do have is a killer book on CD. Brilliant. Whoever originally thought, "wouldn't it be nice to be able to read without having" I thank you. I'm about halfway through a gripping tale of intrigue that had me cruising for a lunch spot just to hear what happened next.
I am passionate about stories and I'm sure I'll be grateful for them repeatedly. But for a girl who thinks the motto "Life is the journey, not the destination" is something people say just to fill the boring semi-quiet after too many hours of wheel-on-pavement, books on CD make all the difference in the world. Then my mind can travel at the same time I do (while always maintaining appropriate awareness of my vehicle and its direction of travel...ahem.)
Even now, as I watch the artistic genius of Food Network competitors turning chocolate into the images of famous landmarks - in case it didn't look good enough just sitting in bar format - I am mulling over the story and looking forward to Friday's stint home, when hopefully I'll finish the novel and be spared a Saturday morning of conjured errands, just so I can drive.
Thank you, God, for brilliant stories you give your people to tell, and for strokes of genius like the dramatic reading of a good book on CD. Thank you for cars that make it possible to travel hundreds of miles in mere hours....and thank you that I don't have to do that too often.

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