Friday, February 5, 2010

Knitted comfort

I have this kelly green sweater-hoodie. It zips up the front and pockets like a sweatshirt over the tummy. It's getting a good crop of fuzzballs and there is currently a crumb on the sleeve.
No, it's not a fashion least not one I would intentionally make. But, on this windy Friday morning it is my favorite sweater because it is so soft. It feels amazing, stretching lightly over my arms as I work. Its warm but not heavy and, in the way only a quality piece of clothing can do, its not only comfortable, but it exudes comfort.
Isn't it funny how something tactile can affect the untouchable parts of us? The soft brush of ....(looking at my tag)...acryllic/polyester/wool/spandex blend on skin can stir a sigh of contentment that goes beyond a hoodie and man made materials. But it does.
If green sweaters could speak, this sweet, ugly thing would say, "Relax. It's Friday. You'll get done what you need to and all will be well." And so it will.
Thank you, God, for little comforts and little reminders that, indeed, all will be well.

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