Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am sitting, legs crossed, on the futon as I catch up on personal email and indulge in Top Chef Masters.
Like all pseudo-intellectuals, I think reality TV is an oxymoron. But like the vast majority of the entertained public, I have to know what happens!
However, watching the artistic machinations of these very talented chefs makes me grateful for....microwaves.
I love baked goods and I love defrosted foods. After a long day's work, nothing hits the spot like a french bread Lean Cuisine, served without the usual side of guilt that accompanies real pizza.
I can't imagine the days when one had to figure out how long before dinner to put the rabbit on the spit so it would be ready at the same time as the homemade bread.
And, I suppose I'm grateful for people who care enough still to figure that kind of stuff out anyway.
But for now, the perfect balance of pepperoni, shredded cheese and thick tomato sauce, balanced delicately atop a crust that manages to be at once crispy and soft is the best thing I can imagine in three minutes. And the ice cream is always ready!

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