Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I have a big event on the horizon, my worry genes act up. I fixate. Ponder. Mull. Dwell. Analyze. And the start the process over.
I use up my emotional well-being on this entirely unproductive process, which leaves very little "se la vie" for actually life. Like driving. And flying. Travel of any sort, really.
The good side is I tend to petition God a lot, albeit frenetically, so at least He gets invited into the process. And He would calm me I'm sure if I paused long enough to let Him.
Well, today part 1 of a big event went down. It involved travel. Need I say more?
Here's where the blessing happened. I found myself smiling at strangers. I strolled instead of pounding along at the speed of sound. I...relaxed. IN THE MIDST OF MY CHAOS!
Now that is God. He took a day I have fretted over and sucked the winds of anxiety out of my soul, then breathed in His life-giving, peace-making, path-directing Spirit. He smothered the fear with His love until it's talons unhooked and crumbled.
Thank you so much, God!
And then after a day of peace, He gave me a reason to laugh out loud. If you want to also, check this out: http://seekerville.blogspot.com/2010/04/she-said-what.html
We serve a God of lavish love. He doesn't just meet needs, He overwhelms.

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