Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tresspassers Beware!

Red wasps like chimneys.
I learned this last week when one dive-bombed the potted faux flowers that sit on my hearth. When he flew into the open window screen I pulled it shut and had a pet bug for a few days.
Saturday, a second wasp shimmied through the closed flue and made his way into my apartment. Trespasser.
He spent his final days the same way his partner in crime did.
My roommate and I spent the first part of Saturday taping together some Amazon and Girl Scout Cookie boxes and then securing them over the opening to our fireplace to protect ourselves until the bug guy could come.
Well, today he did! He was nice enough not to laugh in my face at the crazy cardboard collage plastered over the fireplace, and he told me how to get rid of the wasp nest.
He suggested I light the starter log that graced our fireplace all winter long without use. He said it would scare them off, and keep them from coming back. (Just in case, I have his card, too. He has chemicals.)
Well, on this fine afternoon, I cranked up the A/C and burned that starter log and those cardboard boxes. I'm happy to say I've been wasp free for three hours and counting!
So, I'm grateful for fire, for cardboard and its incredible flammability, and for bug guys who know that wasps don't like either.

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  1. We had problems with wasps once. They lived in the siding by the front door. If anyone tried to get through the door, they attacked. I'm glad you got it figured out!