Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where am I?

If you've ever been to a really old city, you know that streets didn't always have unique and well-marked names. It was assumed that one would know where they were going and how to get there. In my case, one would not be correct.
In Dallas, the roads are, thankfully, well-marked and they all have a name.
Some have more than one.
I know because on our way back to the hotel yesterday after training, we were looking for Bass Pro Drive and did not find it. Why? Well, because once you're a couple miles away from Bass Pro Shop, the road of the same name becomes Bethel.
Fair enough. I just wish we'd been paying attention.
As it was, what should have been a 10 minute jaunt comprised of a whopping four turns turned into a fifty minute scenic amble through Grapevine, Irving, Coppell, and other Texan hamlets, complete with rush-hour traffic.
So today, I'm grateful for GPS! (Assuming, of course that the unit's batteries are charged...ahem.) It is a modern marvel to be able to start anywhere and get to a destination near or far, guided by a 3-D map and an authoritatively soothing female voice. I've found more Starbucks that way than you'd think. And, if I'd had my unit charged yesterday, I would have buzzed directly to the Homewood Suites.
So, thank you, God, for providing technology for the directionally disabled. And thank you for people who are a phone call away and can google map me in when such technology is not readily available.

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