Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Add to Cart

I am in the market for a lot of things right now. It's not often that you need to make a significant number of purchases at once. (Note that I said need to. The desire to make a lot of purchases at once is way more typical.)
Well, its hard to work, do the occasional bit of laundry, exercise, eat, and buy a lot of things in a day's time. Especially when one must look around at options before the actual purchase is made. Thank goodness we live in the age of Internet shopping! Over the past week I've looked over a lot of choices, narrowed the field, and reassured myself that there are, indeed, good choices to be sifted. It takes some of the stress away to know what's out there. I'm less worried about the actual shopping now that I have a sort of game plan.
A small thing, but one that I am genuinely grateful for tonight.

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