Thursday, April 8, 2010


I drove to the coast again today. I spent an hour and a half walking around a really cute outdoor mall and through not-so-cute restaurant kitchens. As a rule, food tastes better when you don't see it prepared. Especially when the kitchen staff is scared to see you for fear you're the health department....never a good sign.
As strange as it sounds, driving wears me out. By the time I finished my work day and made it to the hotel I was ready to put on pjs and curl up for the night. But, it was only four-thirty.
I managed to keep my momentum going and got some important things done this afternoon, but was soooo ready for a treat by the time I finished.
Enter, peppermint tea. Not one, not two, but three mug-fuls. And since one of those was a venti from Starbucks, it's probably the equivalent of six. Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors because it's refreshing, yet calming. Wholesome with a dab of spice. Natural and rich and satisfying. And it makes me feel healthy! I mean, it's tea.
Thank you, God, for all mints, but especially peppermint, and all that it embodies. Thank you for Starbucks and their bucket-sized servings, and for the company dollar that pays for those.

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