Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love Apples

So, Atlanta is finally acting like Atlanta again and today we broke eighty degrees! It was a stunning day. Stunning.
So, for the first time in, (gulp) I don't even know how long, I actually did some intentional exercise beyond a weekly tennis match. And, because it was so glorious, I decided to walk/run outside. I donned my running shoes, stretchy capris, tee, shades, and....drumroll....iPod!
How cool is it that a little gizmo roughly the size and weight of a credit card can hold over half my music library? I don't know how people did it before this century. I mean, I thought life was tough that back in the day when you had to try and run as smooth as glass so your CD didn't skip. What if there was no killer beat to tell you when to inhale and take another step? What if, gasp, you had to run in silence?
Thank the good Lord that I will never--and I mean never--have to solve that riddle myself. Instead, I'll just clip my little pink nano in its fun black case to the waist of my capris and try to keep from singing out loud as I pound out a couple miles.

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  1. Your horror is silence makes me chuckle. I can't run (bad joints), but my husband does and panics whenever he's forgotten to charge his ipod. Says it ruins everything.
    Saw you on Critstarters and that you're from Atlanta. Thought I'd drop by. Did I see you at the WORD meeting last week? You look familiar, but I was new and saw lots of new faces.