Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does stabilitrack mean and why isn't it working?

There are times when like I'm flying through life at twenty miles over the speed limit. I get so focused on keeping up that I forget to look at the scenery sailing past. This is one of those times. So God decided to plant a speed bump in my path today, in the form of a little orange light on my dashboard in a shape that I assume approximates the engine. A message in the digital window said my stabilitrack wasn't working, and just like that, my gas pedal quit...gas-pedaling. I ended up on the curb on the side of I-75 Southbound.

I've spent the day at a corner table in the McDonough Starbucks instead of meeting with customers on the coast. I didn't take it so well at first, but after the frustrated tears passed and I gained a bit of perspective, God pulled me to my feet, kissed my scraped knees and explained what had just happened.

I had been given a gift. I was too busy to take a full breath of air, and now, suddenly, I have an entire day, free of charge, to catch up on things. One moment I was racing to another meeting which would generate another report that I would stress over, and the next, I was sipping tea, critiquing for my writing partners, preparing for some upcoming work meetings, and reading for small group. I don't have to spend the night out of town!
In the end, it seems God has scooped me into His arms and taken great big strides to get me where I need to be...and couldn't have gotten myself.

The irony of the warning message about my stabilitrack being off balance didn't hit me until I started to type....hmmm, our God has a sense of humor, no? I had become focused on getting things done. I'd totally lost the balance of experiencing this life as it happens. Of living moments, instead of check boxes. And it took my Chevy complaining of it's own wonkiness to show me I was off-kilter.

Thank you, God, for speed bumps. It hurts to fall sometimes, but it feels sooo great when you lift me and I can just relax in you instead of scrambling on my own frail legs. Thank you for being perfectly balanced even when I get wonky.

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