Monday, April 5, 2010

Wasn't that a Beatles song?

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.
This verse in Ecclesiastes is feeling like my own personal mantra today.
I indulged in one of my favorite activities this afternoon. I curled up in a wicker chair on the balcony, draped my feet over a second, and sipped a glass of Riesling while polishing off a good suspense novel. It's the perfect temperature in the shade on an eighty degree day. The book was tense, the wine sweet, the birds loud, the breeze soft.
A few months ago, heck, a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have ventured outside, and would instead be in the corner of the futon with a glass of red. But today was a white wine day.
While this is a minor change, there is a rather large change hovering on the horizon. It's not for sure, so I'll be irritatingly nebulous, but let's just say my future was a fairly straight line and is now hooking hard to the left.
So, about every thirty minutes a get a shiver up my spine and try to see around the corner to what awaits.
The thing I'm grateful for today (aside from the aforementioned book/wine/weather combo) is that God can see around corners. So He know exactly what's coming. He put it there. And He's guided me this far, so in the coming season, I have no doubt He'll continue to lead the way, or push from behind, or whatever He must to get me where we're going.
Thank you, Jesus, for being all-knowing and wise and so sweet! I just love that the tremors I am dealing with are just that, and needn't turn into a full blown fear of the unknown. Because for you, nothing is unknown, and with you, I'm the best place I can be.