Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There is nothing like the feeling of fresh, minty, squeaky clean teeth. I just packed my toothbrush and one of those mini toothpaste tubes for my trip to Cambodia.
I am not a history buff by any stretch, but in some of the historical fiction I've read, they reference tooth powder.
while I'm sure it was better than nothing, it can't be as good as the minty freshness of those little mini white strips floating in blue gel that leaves the gentle bite of peppermint on your tongue.
There are a lot of good flavors out there. Some are just a flash of sweet and some are heavy and dark and last. But peppermint is special. It cleanses. Purifies. And prevents cavities.
I will resist comparing my brushing regimen to the cleansing power of being a new creation in Christ, washed clean each day by the Spirit by His presence that lingers, powerful, pure, and sweet. I will, I promise.
But, I'm grateful for both.

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