Monday, April 26, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

I got a nail in my tire at some point this weekend. It began a rapid decline on Sunday afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I drove on it anyway, but this morning I knew my time was up. I had to drive to Charlotte and by the time I hit the office, the rubber was already puddling at the base of the wheel.
Fortunately for me, it is a company car! So I made a phone call and they patched me through to a tire guy, who came out and put the donut on for me. (That's right, I had it but I didn't even have to put it on myself.)
Then, me and my car limped to the nearest Firestone and in a mere 30 minutes, a brand new tire smiled from the rear passenger wheel and the donut rested comfortably under piles of detritus in my trunk. All was well.
Now I still tried to have a pity party, however, my Mom called and refused to let me wallow. She reminded me that God is in charge and has my best in mind. I argued, mostly for form, but it was pretty pathetic even in my own ears.
This whole thing was a blessing in that it resolved itself with ease. But it made me a bit philosophical....surprise, surprise, no?
There are a lot of times when nails pop up along the road of life and a trip that was set on cruise control suddenly gets lopsided and pulls hard to one side. It's not fun. It's not easy, and it's a little scary.
But, even then, when it seems like I've stalled out, I have the Holy Spirit right with me ready to replace the broken pieces. We may limp along for a while until full healing happens, but I'm not stranded and I'm never alone. In times of crisis, He's my spiritual donut...only better.
And what's more, I don't have to do the fixing! I'm on God's fleet plan, so He sends friends, loved ones, or sometimes just extra awareness of His own sweet, powerful Self to do the tire changing for me, and all in His timing, on His dime.
God is so good! Thank you for hanging with me, even when I get whiny. For fixing me when I'm unable to fix myself. For being in charge. And for company cars.

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