Friday, April 23, 2010

Love notes

I got in last night at midnight (travel, not even revelry) and had to be at a meeting this morning and ready to present. I slept comfortably past my alarm, and awoke unsure of where to begin preparations for my the two client meetings that comprised a high-stakes Friday.
It was one of those times when you know you could have done more to prep ahead of time and you know your lack of foresight could cost you. And you pray, pray, pray it doesn't.
And, it was one of those days when God, in his infinite wisdom and grace, grants the fortitude and mental acuity to not just BS your way through it, but to actually perform near the apex of potential and achieve genuine quality results.
I had a marvelous day. I was dead tired, and still managed a marvelous day! And it was a Friday! And the sun just grinned upon Atlanta from dawn until dusk! And then I got a facial that melted the webs of tension clinging stubbornly to my shoulder blades!
Sometimes, God just smiles on us. He knows that packed amidst the days of intensity and stress, even when we're not holding up our end of the righteous bargain and even when we have nothing to offer in return--perhaps especially when we have nothing to offer in return--He showers our day with tiny love notes and does the heavy lifting so we can relax and bask in the warmth of His love.
Thank you, Jesus, for your days of blessing. Thank you for your love that is always lavish, always abundant. And thank you for the days when it is especially apparent. When you stoop and swipe the clutter of life aside, so I can see You and how near and how loving and how...You, you are, through it all. I love you back with all I am.

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